The Immortal Dummy

Dummy? Wooden Dummy? Kung Fu Dummy? Wing Chun Dummy?... It's hard to put a name to the Immortal Dummy as it can be used in all Martial Arts. All Martial Arts styles like; Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu, Karate, in fact all combat sports can benefit from the Immortal training dummy.

The Immortal Dummies Are 100% RECYCLED - Heavy, Solid & Dense Resinous Polymer. Same Density, Weight and Texture as Hardwood. DURABLE - Will not Crack, Split or Splinter.

Maintenance-Free & Waterproof. Non-Toxic - Will not Rot, Ecologically Friendly - Saves Trees & Rainforests.

Please note the Freestand and Flat Dummy is prefered customer collection only, delivery is available for around 80p a mile. Please contact us to discuss individual requirements.

 Freestand Wing Chun Dummy
2 Pegs or Wedges
3 Section Wall Bag - Rice Bag
Flat Trainer
Replacement Freestand Dummy Arm
Replacement Freestand Dummy Leg
Single section Striking Bag - Rice Bag
 Special Offer - Freestand Dummy with Pads
Club Special
Target Unfilled Punch Bag.

RICHARD BUSTILLO (USA) - Black Belt hall of fame...KEVIN CHAN (UK) - Kamon Martial Arts Federation
CLIFF DERRY (USA) - Pilipino Escrima Association...RICK FAYE (USA) - Minnesota Kali Group
ANDY GIBNEY (UK) - Unified Fighting Systems ...LESTER "SURF DOG" GRIFFIN - Original Dog Brother
SIMON JAMES (UK) Body, Mind & Spirit, Wing Chun Kung Fu......CHRIS KENT (USA)
THOMAS LAMONT (N. IRELAND).......DEREK PAVELY - Southern Freestyle Kung Fu Assn...
SHAUN RAWCLIFFE (UK) - Midland Wing Chun Kuen
DAVID ROGERS (UK) - Rising Crane Centre, Hop Gar Kung Fu...TED WONG (USA) - Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

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